Aliens on Vacation was published by Disney-Hyperion on May 3rd, 2011 (spoiler alert: it’s pretty awesome).

Aliens on Vacation is about a boy named Scrub who goes to work at his grandma’s bed & breakfast in Washington State. At first he thinks it’s going to be lame, but then he learns that the inn is actually an undercover operation that aliens use to vacation on Earth.

Scrub is put in charge of disguising the aliens as humans and chaperoning them around on their adventures. The local sheriff is pretty suspicious about grandma’s place, though, so Scrub’s main job becomes keeping her secret safe and saving the B&B from being shut down forever.

The story has action and adventure and humor and even a little bit of romance . . . pretty much everything you’d ever be looking for in a book. My advice is to buy several copies. One for reading, one you don’t even touch for display purposes, a couple more to loan out to your friends who never return stuff, and one to have around in case of alien-related emergencies. Let’s call it seven copies, minimum, just to be safe.

my first book...

a series...

1. Aliens on Vacation is the first book in The Intergalactic Bed & Breakfast series.

2. Alien on a Rampage was released in June, 2012. (It’s about an alien. On a rampage. And some other cool stuff.)

3. Aliens in Disguise, the third book, was released in the spring of 2013. (In this one the adults leave the planet and the kids are left in charge of the B&B. So, you know, the awesomeness continues.)


... a Disney movie someday?

Some producers associated with Disney have purchased an option on the film rights for the story (under the title Grandma’s Intergalactic Bed & Breakfast). So Aliens on Vacation might be a movie someday. How cool is that?

I grew up loving Disney movies. My childhood faves were Pete’s Dragon and The Jungle Book. Now I watch them with my own kids. It would be fun to see Scrub and his alien pals on the big screen in a new Disney movie!


of global proportions...

Aliens on Vacation has sold all over the world, so far in:













This is how the cover looks in Germany. The title translates as “Extraterrestrial Holiday.” The author translates as “Clete Barrett Smith.”


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“...ideal for upper elementary readers...”

-Kirkus Reviews

“...Smith delivers a first novel about being a stranger in a strange land that many middle-schoolers will find funny and relatable.”